We are coming back.

We are looking forward to getting the Del-Val Region to the top of the LCCI’s best car clubs.

A message from Tony Paolini:

THANK YOU ALL AND CONGRATULATIONS ALL for the most successful “New Hope” the Delaware Valley Region has hosted in a very long time.  The weather co-operated, the crowd was HUGE (approximately. 60 people by all accounts), the cars were simply FANTASTIC (way too many to even start to mention), and from all reports ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE had an AWESOME time and is looking forward to Del Val’s next event.

Now I would like to take just a moment (I promise to be brief, LOL) to let everyone know what next steps the region will be taking based on our member discussions held at New Hope.   I will be funding and developing a new LCCI Delaware Valley Region domain and website….which is now in progress.  Once that task is completed, I will be recruiting support to begin publishing Del Val’s newsletter, The Tail Fins, which I hope we can produce monthly.


And no, “We are not that kind of car club”!